CRAPTEAM - Amiga demoscene group

A list of Amiga / ZX Spectrum intros and demos to which I prepared music modules in Protracker / VortexTracker. Latest at the top.
Modules used to all videos are available for download in the "Trackers" section in .mod / .vt2 format and as .mp3.
Here you can find info about Craptro project written by Mandi - CrapTeam coder.

Amiga #19. "The End" presented at Xenium 2021

Amiga #18. Merry Xmas from KARP TEAM

ZX #02. Invitro to Speccy Party 2020

Amiga #17. "CrapCrunch 2020" presented at Decrunch 2020

Amiga #16. "Crapium" presented at Xenium 2019

Amiga #14. "CrapTro 6" presented at AmiParty XXV

Amiga #13. "Cycle Demo" presented at Decrunch 2049

Amiga #12. Invitro to Amiparty XXV presented at Speccy 2019

Amiga #11. Merry Xmas

Amiga #10. "ByeByeTro" presented at Riverwash X

ZX #01. "ZX CrapTeam 4k" presented at Speccy 2019 (NOTE: It's not my music)

Amiga #09. "Craptro 5 - We Can't Stop Crapin'" presented at AmiParty XXIII

Amiga #08. "CrapCrunch" presented at Decrunch 2048

Amiga #07. Invitro to Speccy Party 2018 presented at AmiParty XXIII

Amiga #06. "Craptro 4 - Don't let CrapTro win the compo" presented at RetroKomp / LoadError 2017

Amiga #05. "AmiParty XXII Invitro" presented at Riverwash 2017

Amiga #04. "Speccy Party 2017" presented at Speccy 2017

Amiga #03. "CrapTro" presented at AmiParty XXI

Amiga #02. "Craptro 2" presented at Decrunch 2117

Amiga #01. "Craptro" presented at AmiParty XX