On the first day when I saw Amiga 500 connected to a green screen monitor at friends house I was fascinated by this computer :) Soon after I sold Atari ST to switch to Amiga 500 and later to my favorite Amiga 1200. In the 90's these machines were able to absorb a man for long hours. As a teenager apart from playing games I was taking my first steps in creating music modules in the ProTracker program, just for fun. Currently after 20 years of break I try from time to time to play with ProTracker again to create another crap music for the productions of "CrapTeam" which I am a member. The previous groups I participated with were "DRRM" (renamed to "CrapTeam" after the 5th production) and "Three Times No" (TTN) - friends from my hometown Lublin, thanks to whom I saw Amiga for the first time.

I have also an iPad for several years and this is my another favorite mobile device. When it comes to iOS/ iPadOS, an amazing music applications are created for that system. I know that the "amazing" word is very often appears in Apple commercials, but in this case it fits perfectly when it comes to application sound quality and their possibilities. Some music which I created on mobile devices found its place in the "Pixel Nation" productions.

The purpose of this page is to collect all the compositions in one place. Tracks are sorted in category by the software in which were created and are compressed to no less than 320 kbps in the final mp3 files, however without any mastering, I don't know anything about it yet (: To display the website in a convenient way on mobile devices I used a responsive template. Another goal of this site is to use the mp3 web player (available from the right menu) to be able to play a playlist with all the tracks. So, enjoy listening... or not ;)

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